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Well, it happened again. Last night I went on a Wikipedia deep dive learning about the 20th century ballet revolution in Russia. Specifically, my rabbit hole concerned the artistic and sexual life of iconic male ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky. As far as I can tell, if you know anything about ballet, odds are good you Los Trolls - EL HOBBIT UN VIAJE INESPERADA - Estrategia B. Racing rally Game2 LOT ORIGINAL ART DC COMIC BATMAN BEYOND CAPED CLIMBER BURGER KING KID CLUB TOY… Continue reading Oh No, Edward Albee Wrote a Screenplay About a Bisexual Ballet Love Triangle

MAY 19, 1999.  The curtain rises on a bar that could charitably be described as "humble." Paint peels along the walls. The counter-tops are sticky with beers of yesteryear. Stuffing leaks from six bar-stools, and six occupants in their early thirties slouch on them: MIKE, DUSTIN, LUCAS, MAX, WILL, and ELEVEN, called EL. They are … Continue reading The Stranger Things Kids Turn 30 and Go See “The Phantom Menace” on Opening Night: A One-Act Play

It's often said that the first Pride was a riot. And that's true, insofar as modern Pride commemorates the uprising at Stonewall and the throwing, en masse, Märklin H0 47898 Wagen - Set Persil Henkel , OVP, K034Fierydragon Tunnels & Trolls V7.5of bricks at cops. But perhaps more importantly, the first Pride was a fun, casual night on the town that went up in flames because straight people didn't … Privateer Press Hordes Skorne Army Box 2017 PIP 74991

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- Rivarossi - AHM 5083 - Tender and Locomotive Steam Switcher 0-8-0 - SF yjab534b33784-Locomotives

Some weeks ago, Esquire published Lili Anolik's long-form exploration of the famous -- and famously debauched -- Bennington College Class of 1986. After rabid consumption of the article, multiple times, over a period of 48 hours, I have compiled this list of the quotes from the which most inspire the physical ache of not being … Continue reading Anyone Else Physically Aching to Swap Bodies with Donna Tartt After Reading That Esquire Article About Bennington College in the Eighties? Anyone? No? Just Me?

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As you may have gleaned from the title of this article, I am not a classicist. One time, in college, I signed up for an Intro to Latin class, but I dropped out three weeks into the course after pulling an all nighter in Robarts making vocab flash cards right before our first quiz and … Avalon Hill Runequest Haunted Ruins, The SC NM-

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The original script of Heathers saw the entirety of Westerberg High dead. Daniel Waters’s original screenplay closed on a soot-and-blood covered Veronica Sawyer standing on the front steps of her high school with a bomb strapped to her chest - the very bomb that JD, her murderous ex-boyfriend, had planned to use to blow up … Walthers HO 920-110114 Jordan Spreader Maintenance-of-Way (Brown, Alumnium)

- Rivarossi - AHM 5083 - Tender and Locomotive Steam Switcher 0-8-0 - SF yjab534b33784-Locomotives

In the near present you, dear Nichers, will likely be seeing a lot about the BBC/Amazon mini-series of Good Omens. Lynton Barnstaple Spéciale 3rd Train Wagon 009 Échelle Oo 1 76 non Peint Kit J1Tangram Tactile Square Wooden Puzzle. MaxiAids. Shipping is FreeYou probably already have—it's actually a little scary how many non-internet people I know who've asked me if I've heard about "this new show" like I don't have every page of the novel inscribed in … Continue reading These Man-Shaped Beings Are Gay and There’s Nothing Neil Gaiman Can Do About It (A Good Omens Primer)

Illustration by Fiona Ostby. This debate contains spoilers for “Cat Person,” as well as discussion of rape and sexual abuse,BP546-0,5 x Märklin H0 Ac Tender 23 014 for Locomotive da 800+ 3005,2. ChoiceTop Trumps Top Gear Card Game. Winning Moves. Shipping Included which may be triggering to some readers. The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity, and to get rid of all our little verbal tics, because we uh, um, like, I think, used a … Märklin H0 Classic Pretty 3011 Db E44 039 Set 800 Läuft-video Dirt Scratches